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Microhive, the act of donating small amounts to charity, is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to support charities and communities. While the contributions may seem modest on their own, collectively, they make a significant impact. To date Microhive has raised £8m by employers inviting their employees, pensioners and suppliers to donate small amounts to charity on a regular basis.

We believe in making giving easy for businesses and individuals, and want to transform the way people donate to charity. The opportunities to Microhive are endless, Let’s unleash the power of small change giving and empower change one penny at a time.

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Our story

For 25 years, Microhive (formerly known as Pennies from Heaven) has been asking employees to donate the pennies from their payslips to charity. The concept is based on the belief that small donations, collectively, can make a big impact. and to date has raised £8m for over 800 charities.

The concept of Microhive came from watching Superman 3! Richard Pryor, working as a computer programmer, realises that everyone’s paychecks are being round down to the nearest cent, so he begins diverting away those small amounts into his own account and uses it to become a world class super baddie! We decided to use the concept of collecting lots of small amounts but to empower it to make a positive impact.


The Microhive Awards

The Microhive Awards are an opportunity for organisations to share their charitable successes and demonstrate commitment to charitable giving. Based on participation rates, our winners receive a Microhive Social Purpose Quality Mark, an endorsement that can be used to support ESG reporting.

2024 was a record year for the Microhive Awards, with more Platinum winners than ever before and we saw our first organisation achieve a fantastic 100% participation rate! This comes after yet another year of challenging economic conditions, but despite this many more organisations are looking to join Microhive, proving that while we may be facing difficult times as a society, we still consider charities and charitable giving high on our list of priorities.


Our team

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Anthony Law

Founder and Chair

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Kate Frost


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Kate Hoare


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Shelley Edwards

Head of Communication & Brand

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Gemma Webb

Team Administrator

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David Atterbury Thomas

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Catherine Salzedo

Financial Controller and Distribution Manager

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Rebecca Haines


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Tony Smith


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Isabel Wootton


What to do next…

Giving small amounts is affordable, simple, and impactful. It shows how we are all working together for the betterment of society. Employees and pensioners can Microhive through their monthly pay and supply chains can be empowered to harness greater purpose. Get in touch with us to see how you can join Microhive.