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Formerly known as Pennies from Heaven

For Pensioners

Give back in your retirement

Microhive makes donating to charity hassle-free and painless. Simply donate the pennies from your pension each month. Every single one of us can help, and just like our collective donations we can have a bigger impact together. If you receive a pension of £850.34 then you keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity. The maximum amount you can give is 99p from every pension payment and whilst a small ask of each of us, together we can make a big difference to our chosen charities.

To date Microhive (formerly known as Pennies from Heaven) has collected £650k from pensioners and we want to invite more pensioners to join in. Easy to set up and run, Microhive is a simple way to support charities so invite your pensioners to join the hive today.


How it works

There are two ways that we can help pensioners micro give to charity. We can approach your old employer to extend their employee Microhive scheme to pensioners or we can ask your pensioner provider to join Microhive. In either case the scheme works in the same way:


Microhive set up with pension provider

Microhive issues license to run scheme to pension provider. Scheme administration and set up done by Microhive. Donated pennies are sent to charities by Microhive.


Benefiting charity selected

Pension provider chooses the benefiting charity that all pensioners donate to. This can be any charity/ies and charities can be changed annually.


Pensioners invited to donate pennies

Microhive will design a range of digital communications to promote the scheme to pensioners. Pensioners can sign up on the Microhive website.

These Employers are already part of Microhive …

What are the benefits

There’s never been a more important time to take care of each other and our communities, By leveraging the collective power of many small donations, Microhive cultivates a habit of generosity, empowering pensioners and businesses to become active participants in creating positive change.

  • It’s a small ask – most people can afford to join in and be part of the collective impact.
  • It’s simple to set up – already running in 400 organisations
  • Provides a reliable, new income stream for charities – if all 11million pensioners in the UK signed up, they would provide £66m of new donations for charity.
  • Supports a Social Enterprise – Microhive exists to create meaningful change by using business as a force for good in our communities and beyond.

What to do next…

Giving small amounts is affordable, simple, and impactful. It shows how we are all working together for the betterment of society. Employees and pensioners can Microhive through their monthly pay and supply chains can be empowered to harness greater purpose. Get in touch with us to see how you can join Microhive.