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Microhive (formerly known as Pennies from Heaven) makes donating to charity hassle-free and painless. Staff simply donate the pennies from their pay each month to a charity chosen by your NHS Organisation (this can be the Trusts own charity). If you earn £850.34 then you keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity. The maximum amount you can give is 99p from every payslip and whilst it’s a small ask of each person, together we can make a big difference to our chosen charities.

Over 120 NHS Organisations are running Microhive and staff collectively have raised £1.6m, much of which has benefited NHS charities. Join the hive today.


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How it works

Microhive has worked with the Department of Health to ensure set up and running of the scheme is easy. The NHS payroll system ‘ESR’ is already set up to support the deductions and sign up and comms design can be done by Microhive who can share best practice from across the NHS.


Choose any benefiting charity

You can select any charity to receive donations, including your own NHS charity. All employees give to the same charity and charities can be changed annually.


Invite staff to join in

Microhive will design a range of digital communications to promote the scheme. Staff can sign up on the Microhive website. Administration is done by Microhive, little impact on payroll and finance teams.


Microhive distribute donations to charity

ESR will automatically collect the pennies from participating employees each month. The pennies are collated and sent to Microhive each month for distribution to charities.


What are the benefits?

There’s never been a more important time to take care of each other and our communities. By leveraging the collective power of many small donations, Microhive cultivates a habit of generosity, empowering individuals and businesses to become active participants in creating positive change.

  • It's a small ask – accessible to most
  • Easy to set up – running in 120 NHS organisations
  • Provides a reliable income stream for your charity
  • Supports a Social Enterprise – Microhive

We’re already trusted by these NHS Organisations and more…

What trusts say

Read what some of our 400 partners think of Microhive. We pride ourselves on making the scheme easy and simple to set up and work with you to ensure the scheme is popular with staff.

brighterway-Logo_clearspace_CMYK-003-1 (Copy)

“Pennies From Heaven/microhive provides vital support in boosting our fundraising income. The fact it comes exclusively from our own employees makes the whole programme feel very close to home with a real sense of ownership on behalf of our staff. The scheme is the proverbial “no brainer” as it requires a monthly donation of the small change in an employee’s net salary. In other words a maximum of 99 pence a month or £11.88 a year. Joining takes just a moment and soon will be available on our ESR platform. So in just a few moments and by donating less than a pound a month you make a real difference in helping deliver some amazing projects benefitting patients, service users and staff.“

Phil Pride. Fundraising & Marketing Manager Brighterway Charity

king geourge charity (Copy) (Copy)

“Pennies from Heaven has proven to be a valuable addition to our charity, providing an additional source of general income. The scheme has been simple to implement across our Trust, and once our staff members are informed about it, they are usually eager to sign up. We are delighted with the increasing number of sign ups and highly recommend other charities to join the scheme as well. This initiative enables us to connect more with our staff and helps open a conversation about the improvements we are making in our hospitals.“

King George & Queen’s Hospitals Charity

New-2021-MFT-Charity_CMYK_REG (Copy) (Copy)

“It’s incredibly special to know so many of our Trust staff feel moved to support us by making a small monthly donation, which makes a difference in the hospitals and services where they work. Of course, we’re always grateful for every donation, but having a regular source of income like this helps us to plan for the future. We’re so pleased the scheme has been, and continues to be, successful.” Manchester Foundation Trust Charity who have raised £130,000 through Pennies from Heaven.“

Manchester Foundation Trust Charity

surrey-and-borders (Copy)

“We are pleased to support Pennies from Heaven (now known as Microhive) where we can nominate local and national charities to benefit from our donations. The real selling point of the scheme is that it never costs an individual more than 99p per month, but cumulatively our staff contributions can really benefit charities. Pennies from Heaven are a pleasure to deal with and make the process easy for all concerned." “

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


We're excited about the future and grateful for your continued support as we embark on this new chapter together. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We're here to help.

Together we are all empowering change, one penny at a time.

Microhive, the act of donating small amounts to charity, is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses to support charities and communities. While the contributions may seem modest on their own, collectively, they make a significant impact. To date Microhive has raised £8m by employers inviting their employees, pensioners and suppliers to donate small amounts to charity on a regular basis.

We believe in making giving easy for businesses and individuals and want to transform the way people donate to charity. The opportunities to Microhive are endless, Let’s unleash the power of small change giving and empower change one penny at a time.

Employees simple sign up and the pennies are donated directly from pay. If you earn £850.34 then you keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity. The maximum amount you can give is 99p from every payslip and whilst a small ask of each of us, together you can make a big difference to your chosen charities.

Over 120 NHS Organisations are running Microhive, and staff collectively have raised £1.6m, much of which has benefited NHS charities.

We used to call the scheme, Pennies from Heaven. If you are already part of Pennies from Heaven, there is no need to do anything – the concept and operation remain the same, it just has a new name. Your micro donations will continue as before.

Yes, and most of our NHS employers run the scheme this way.

There’s never been a more important time to take care of each other and our communities, by leveraging the collective power of many small donations, Microhive cultivates a habit of generosity, empowering individuals and businesses to become active participants in creating positive change.

  • It’s a small ask – most people can afford to join in and be part of the collective impact.
  • It’s simple to set up and has impact – Already set up in 120 NHS Organisations who have raised £1.6m.
  • Provides a reliable, new income stream for your local NHS charity (if selected as the charity)
  • Supports a Social Enterprise – Microhive exists to create meaningful change by using business as a force for good in our communities and beyond.

All staff give to the same charity (or basket of charities) nominated by NHS Organisation. The charity can be any UK registered charity.

The concept of Microhive is centred on collaboration, whilst individuals give a little amount, together we make a big difference for good causes.

No. Microhive worked with the Department of Health to configure the NHS payroll system, ESR, so that all NHS Organisations could access the payroll functionality. Once Microhive have issued a license to a NHS Organisation they can send over an ESR guide.

Setting up Microhive is simple, and we are here to guide you. Once we have issued you a license to operate the scheme, you would need to:

  • Choose your benefiting charity, which can be any charity of your choosing.
  • Invite staff to join in – Sign up can be via the Microhive website and comms can be designed by Microhive. Administration is done by Microhive, little impact on payroll and finance teams.
  • Pennies are deducted and sent to Microhive for distribution to charity.

We have launched in as little as five days.

Yes, you can change the benefiting charities annually.

We are a restless fundraising company on a mission to champion the collective power of giving pennies, not pounds. We want to grow micro-giving across the UK and show everyone how easy it is to collectively make a difference. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and growth, we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves to better align with our vision and values. We wanted our name to be unique, adaptable, portray a sense of community and momentum and bring in the micro giving element and felt that the name Microhive better reflected this.

Microhive is our new trading name. Pennies from Heaven Fundraising Limited and Pennies from Heaven Distribution Limited remain the company names registered at Companies House.

Most of our employers run Microhive and Payroll Giving as they represent different types of giving. If an individual want to choose a specific charity and give more, then Payroll Giving is the perfect choice. Most employers want to ensure that all staff can be part of a work based giving scheme and this is what Microhive provides. Microhive allows the majority of employees to support charities as the individual ask is less than £1. Collectively teams can raise thousands of pounds for charity and all be part of the success.

Yes, Microhive donations are eligible for Gift Aid. This can be claimed annually or when charities change.

There is no cost to the NHS Trust, the Department of Health, or the nominated charity for running the scheme. A % charge is deducted at source and donations are eligible for Gift Aid. This small charge grants employers the license to run the scheme to not only cover the cost of our services but also support us to continue our charitable work. Microhive exists because employers realise the scheme can accomplish more by working together than acting alone. Without employers recognising the value we bring to the wider charitable sector Microhive would simply close, costing the charity sector ~£700,000 a year of donations. Microhive receives no other income and do not charge the charities anything.

Microhive is here to make the set up and running of the scheme simple working with you at every stage. Some of the services provided by us include:

  • Payroll set up – we help set up the scheme on ESR and share best practice from other NHS Organisations, saving employers time and change costs.
  • Set up and administration of scheme – Implementation guides, consent form wording, promotional artwork and HMRC gift aid wording (without which staff will have to re-join the scheme if charities change).
  • Distribution of donations – Microhive receives and sends the donations to charities and send employers quarterly audit trails confirming this. Microhive is externally audited each year providing employers with assurance of our credible donation processing.
  • Online sign up – Staff can join the scheme via the Microhive website.
  • License Provision – We provide employers with the Intellectual Property of the scheme and the use of the name and registered trademark.
  • Awards Program – Each year we recognise employers who have high levels of participation in the scheme.

Yes, employees can opt out at any time. They will simply need to email your payroll team or Microhive at It might take a couple of pay cycles for the deductions to stop.

Yes. Microhive is the UK’s largest micro giving scheme for employees and pensioners and to date has raised £8m for over 800 charities. Our partners include Aldi UK, Barclays, HSBC UK, Cadbury Schweppes, Harrods, LV=, Puregym, TUI, and WHSmith’s

What to do next…

Giving small amounts is affordable, simple, and impactful and it shows how we are all working together for the betterment of society. NHS staff have already raised £1.6m much of which is benefiting NHS charities. Get in touch with us to see how your NHS Organisation and NHS charity can benefit from Microhive.

Download the brochure

For more details on how your NHS organisation could set up and run Microhive, please download our NHS brochure. This is packed with information on who needs to be involved in setting up the scheme, things to consider, top tips and much more.